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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chincoteague Island Workshop Report

Chincoteague is definitely one of my favorite places to photograph. I love it for the variety of photographic opportunities. It's not a very grand or large location, but I am attracted to it's subtle beauty and wildlife.

A couple of weeks ago I lead a spring workshop at Chincoteague. The weather held up and we were able to view and photograph some beautiful beach scenes and lots of birds.

Here are a few photographs I made while demonstrating various techniques. The image above was a "grab shot". We got to the beach the first morning and witnessed a colorful display of nature. This was one of two photos I made while the color was intense. I spent the rest of the time with the participants making sure they were making the most of this lovely sunrise.

Here I was trying to demonstrate how to create a photograph in a chaotic situation by isolating a small area.

Made while demonstrating how to capture motion in the water using slow shutter speeds. I converted to black & white to bring the viewers attention to the texture.

An example of how to make images of flocks. A Canada Goose amidst a flock of Dunlin.

I used a fast shutter speed to freeze the action as a Great Egret tossed a fish.

We were presented with a great situation when a female Mallard paraded her chicks in front of us. I missed it the first time as a participant was using my big lens. The second time the ducks came around I was able to get a few shots off.

The following series of the Semipalmated Plovers was made while I demonstrated how to approach the birds and then try and go beyond a portrait to capture different behavior.

Thanks to Ruth, Clare, Greg, John, Gale, Kevin, Dick and Jim for making this a fun experience. And a special thanks to Angelique Raptakis for her assistance during the workshop.

I plan to lead another workshop at Chincoteague in November to photograph the fall migrations (especially the snow geese). That workshop announcement will be posted shortly.


  1. great work Nikhil.


  2. Thanks for the visit and comment Dheeraj.

  3. Nikhil,
    Striking images, especially the b/w! Glad things went well for you and the workshop participants.

  4. Thanks Josh! Good conditions is something we can't control so I can't complain :)