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Friday, October 29, 2010

Back from Arizona/Utah

Just got back from a fruitful trip to Arizona and Utah. I haven't been to another state that has such remarkable texture and feel. And there are parks round every corner! It's an absolute treat for a photographer. It's no wonder that these states attract people from far and wide. This was supposed to be a scouting tour but one of the two clients was admitted to hospital and they had to cancel. That left me with a couple of friends to adventure with. And adventure we did.

The last time I was in Utah everyday was sunny until rain arrived the last day. This time it was the opposite. Heavy cloud cover and rain, then clear skies the last day. As nature photographers we have to adapt to the shooting conditions and try to get to the right place at the right time. Not easy, but we can try :)

Dixie National Forest, Utah

At higher elevations it was cold enough for some snow.

San Rafael Swell, Utah
The light was fleeting. Three minutes of fantastic light was all we got this morning.

 Dixie National Forest, Utah

The overcast and rainy conditions led us to shoot a waterfall or two.

Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Visiting some of the Southwest's icons was a must.

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona

The bizarre rock formations in the back country yielded some unusual landscape images. Very hard to get to but quite rewarding.

I'm really excited about the photographs I made. One of my better excursions despite the weather. I'll be posting a gallery on my website next month.

November 4 - Manassas Warrenton Camera Club
November 10 - Arundel Camera Club
November 15 - Reston Photographic Society
November 30 - Baltimore Camera Club
December 2 - Silver Spring Camera Club

Great Falls - October 30-31 (Full)
Great Falls (field session) - Nov. 6 (Full)
Photoshop for Photographers (One day workshop) - Nov. 7
Chincoteague Island - November 19-21 (only 2 spots available)


  1. Wow! These are fabulous. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Thanks Jen! I get more photos uploaded soon.

  3. Great images! I especially like the lead image of snow covered Aspens... that is and image I long to capture someday!

  4. Thanks John! Gotta love the Aspens :)