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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Classic or different?

When we visit the same location several times it can be a challenge to see our subjects in a different way. I have photographed Dragonflies at Kenilworth several times. The above image is what I like to call a classic image. If you have seen photos from Kenilworth, it is quite likely that you have seen an image that looks similar. A photographer needs the technical know-how to create an image like this but it is not different.

After I made that image I started to think about how I could do something different.  Since the light changed I decided to change my position. Also, instead of waiting to photograph the settled dragonfly I tried to catch it landing on the Lotus. I was able to capture some movement in the wings of the Dragonfly while its head and the Lotus were in sharp focus.

I felt I had worked this Dragonfly for a while so I decided to look for something else...something different. That's when I came across an interesting situation and made the image below.

With the Dragonfly perched on a dead Lotus pod I was able to frame it with an open Lotus in full bloom. It conveys the life cycle of the Lotus although it's really a photograph of the Dragonfly in its environment.

While there is nothing wrong with making a classic image, coming up with something different is definitely more satisfying.

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  1. Thanks Josh! I did something right if I made you say "Wow!" :)

  2. Tejas K. Soni28 June, 2010

    My kids saw it and they loved it too!

  3. Thanks Tejas and Angelique!
    Tejas: look me up when you are in the DC area. It's been over 15 years!