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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just added - Hands on Photography Workshops to Improve Your Compositional Skills!

What you shoot, the lighting at that moment, how you frame an image and when you click the shutter, all combined create either a photograph we are proud of, or one we discard. Wouldn't you like to discard less and create more inspiring images?

These workshops are intended to take your compositional skills to a higher level, where improvement happens fast! There are tricks and tips that everyone can learn. It's just a matter of practice and getting the right information that directly applies to you.

Called "Composition in the field" the sessions are 3 hours long and are only $50 per person. The 3 locations just added are:

  1. Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens - July 24
  2. C&O Canal and the Potomac River - Sept. 26
  3. Great Falls - Nov. 6

View for more details.

Sunflowers - July 18
Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens - July 24
C&O Canal and the Potomac - Sept. 26
West Virginia Fall Tour - October 7-10 (4 spots available)
Great Falls - October 30-31 (only 2 spot available)
Great Falls - Nov. 6
Photoshop for Photographers - Nov. 7
Chincoteague Island - November 19-21 (4 spots available)

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